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Hans graduated from Law School in 1991, as part of his graduation he also studied at the Faculty of Economics. He worked in accountancy until he made the move to work for Rijppaert & Peeters in 1995 and practise as a lawyer.

He has specialized in corporate law and insolvency law. He has obtained his post-academic degree for insolvency law from INSOLAD/Grotius. He regularly acts as a receiver in bankruptcy cases, which makes him extremely qualified to advise clients with financial difficulties.

Hans has been an active member of Lawrope, the integrated network of international law firms our office is part of, for years.

Memberships / ancillary positions

Member of INSOLAD | Treasurer Lawrope | Chairman Winkelstad Oosterhout

Contact | crom@rijppaert-peeters.nl

‘I am determined and maintain the course of action in complex legal matters.’