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For legal issues in the field of family law having a skilled and highly involved lawyer is very important, as it involves personal and delicate matters.

Our Legal Team member specialized in family law has had extensive experience and is familiar with and understanding of the consequences legal issues may have on a client’s personal life.

In the event of a divorce, the soon to be ex-partners can either turn to mediation (where both parties share one lawyer) or use different lawyers. Our specialist is skilled in taking on both roles and is a certified mediator. She can also assist you in a collaborative divorce (read more/website in Dutch).

Succession law

Succession law is very current! Which is not surprising since 150.000 people pass away each year in the Netherlands, leaving € 100.000 on average. Interests are high and disputes between heirs and debtors are not uncommon.

But not only can we assist you with such matters. Our lawyers can also guide you through the process of making the right choices in matters of succession and operate as confidants when inheritances are settled.

Our services include help with i.a.:

      • Divorce;
      • Prenuptial agreements;
      • Alimony;
      • Inheritance disputes

We will make sure your personal situation is well taken care of 

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